• Counter Terrorism
  • Aviation Security
  • Predictive Profiling
  • Interrogation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Domestic Violence (Law Enforcement)
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Recognizing and Investigating Child Abuse
  • Homicide Prevention – Stop the Killing
  • Investigating Strangulation


  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York
  • National Family Justice Center Alliance…. (to name The Major Ones) United Nations Dept. of Safety and Security
  • US Dept. of Homeland Security / Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Global School of Investigations
  • The Reid Institute
  • The Johns Hopkins University
  • Broward Community College
  • Englewood Cliffs Police Department & Saint Peter’s
  • Community Anti-Terrorist Training Institute
  • New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice
  • The National Center for Women and Policing
  • School of Public Policy – Welfare Reform Academy


  • Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Counter Terrorism Trainer
  • Law Enforcement - Domestic Violence
  • Security & Investigations Consultant
  • Aviation Security


  • FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association
  • LLIS.GOV – US Department of Homeland Security


INDEED Mr. TAIK ANAND SINGH has dedicated both his professional and academic life to acquiring education and training to skillfully, and knowledgeably, address issues of security, crime; and violence in the home, and in the Society. It is with this international level of expertise and his passion for Justice that he has now formed THE GUYNA CENTER for the PREVENTION of FAMILY & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE to “take a bite” off Domestic Violence in Guyana.

THIS SOCIAL scourge has paraded as a crown prince/princess for an unacceptable too-long a time in Guyana! All State and Government entities must now put their heads and hearts together as ONE wholistic battery to combat this diminisher of Human Dignity and Social Cohesion. There can be no Human Rights when this evil gnaws at the human soul and the human spirit. No self-righteous or civil-minded individual, or civic association, can afford to hide its head in the sand or sweep this destroyer of homes under the rug. This skeleton must be taken out of the closet and be laid bare for the many social entrepreneurs to have a go at it with their knock-out punches. This is the ONLY choice Guyanese must give themselves…… because there is no other!

The Social Ministries cannot claim to endeavor to achieve social justice, or social equality, without explicitly designing the correct and balanced approaches in their programs and projects to address the issue of Domestic Violence and to support this meaningful enterprise.

I commend Mr. Singh for taking this initiative, which is long overdue….for his vision to conceive of this MISSION and for his passion for the rights that are enshrined in the UNITED NATIONS Charter to enhance the domestic welfare of all members of the household (in Guyana).

Appreciation is the greatest encourager, but financial and administrative support are needed for the success of this MISSION to get a handle on the emotional, mental, and psychological wellness of, and in, the home. Consolidation of the emotional strength of, and in, the home is basic to the wellness of each Community and every Neighborhood. Lip service only is not going to get it done.

I am excited to recommend Mr. Singh and his Organization to all of Civil Society and to every Civic Organization. He has planted a seed of success……success for the prevention of Domestic Violence! He brings a unique perspective, having reassessed this phenomenon from both policing and humane standpoints.   

It is a sin to be in a position to help and to have the ability to help but to choose not to help. The next victim can very well be the love of your life!

In anticipation of your contribution, support, and cooperation, I THANK YOU for being the change YOU want to see!

By: Prof. Roopnarain Persaud,
Educator, Trainer; Master Planner, Consultant on Community Affairs; Founder of Many NGOs……..
Recipient of NY State’s Proclamation Recognizing the Contributions of Guyanese to the State and Economy of New York……….
Chairman & CEO, Caribbean Network Enterprise – A Media Entity………..
Publishing books by Caribbean Writers……..
Founder of The World Union of Guyanese for Democracy, USA…. ending the 28-year Dictatorship with the First “free and fair” Election in Guyana!.......

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