INDEED Mr. TAIK ANAND SINGH has dedicated both his professional and academic life to acquiring education and training to skillfully, and knowledgeably, address issues of security, crime; and violence in the home, and in the Society.It is with this international level of expertise and his passion for Justice that he has now formed THE GUYNA CENTER for the PREVENTION of FAMILY & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE to “take a bite” off Domestic Violence in Guyana.

THIS SOCIAL scourge has paraded as a crown prince/princess for an unacceptable too-long a time in Guyana!
All State and Government entities must now put their heads and hearts together as ONE wholistic battery to combat this diminisher of Human Dignity and Social Cohesion.

There can be no Human Rights when this evil gnaws at the human soul and the human spirit. No self-righteous or civil-minded individual, or civic association, can afford to hide its head in the sand or sweep this destroyer of homes under the rug. This skeleton must be taken out of the closet and be laid bare for the many social entrepreneurs to have a go at it with their knock-out punches.

This is the ONLY choice Guyanese must give themselves…… because there is no other!

The Social Ministries cannot claim to endeavor to achieve social justice, or social equality, without explicitly designing the correct and balanced approaches in their programs and projects to address the issue of Domestic Violence and to support this meaningful enterprise.

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